Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wedding Bells


I Can hear The Bells...!! Can you ...? I Bet You Do...!!! Who Wants To Get Marry? I Bet All of You Ladies Some Day, Would LOOOOVEEEE To Walk Down the Aisle ... Its such an Exciting Feeling To Witness That...!! And Today Guess What? .... "Ohh No No, I'm Not Getting Marry" - I had the Opportunity To Attend To My Co-Workers Wedding and SING!!! For Them ....!!! And This Is What I chose To Wear ....

They Say Black Is Conservative And to Be Honest I Didnt Want To Make A Full Fashion Statement Wearing something extravagant Cause Today, All The Attention Is For The Groom And The Bride!!! ... Not Me!! But....!!! Since I Decided To Wear Pretty Much All Black I wanted To Give My Outfit A Little Contrast And Color, So Thats Exactly What I Did!!! ... Since My Dresse's Collar Is All Multicolor/Metalic Colors I Decided To Paired With Blue Shoes.... "Heyyyyy Everything Is Permitted In Multicolor Land" Hehehehe ..... So This Is All For Now .... And Dont Forget To Hype My look At ...lookbook.nu Muaxxxxx

Dress: My creation Designed By Me

Shoes: Bakers

Vintage Sequin Hat 

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