Thursday, April 25, 2013

Barbie Girl

Sooooo Bored... And Let's Say "Out Of My Mind", I Didn't Know What To Come Up for My Next "Lookbook look".   I Realized I Had Some Extra Fabrics and Materials at home... So I decided To Start Sewing Like Theres no Tomorrow And It came out that I finished This Sexy, cutesy Little colorful Dress.... So By The Time I was Ready To Get My Picture Taken... All Of Sudden My Imagination Started Going Nuts And I came up With This Brillaint Idea..... Cause This Dress Reminded Me To All Those Barbie Dolls I Played with While Growing up!!!....

So I Got My Blonde Wig On... (Cause Im A Redhead And I wanted To Be Barbie And Not Teresa)... And My Make Up .... And Here's The Result.. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!!! And Dont Forget To  HYPE This Look At

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