Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Under The Darkness And That Bitter egocentrism That Comes With Mourning. A Long Time Ago I Felt Inspired To Design Such A complicated Dress, And What I Mean By Using The Word Complicated... I Mean That It's Not Your Typical "Funeral Type Of Outfit..." If You Know What I Mean..."!!!

So When i Sat Down To Sketch, For The First Time, I Didn't think about The Fabric I was Gonna use...

So In This Particular Situation I Thought Of "Clowns"... CLOWNS?? ..."Yeap You Read Right...CLOWNS! and I Know You're Thinking "But Clowns Are Happy All The Time".. And Who Says They Actually Feel That Happiness - OMG That Sounded so "Pessimistic" - Hahaha LOL! But No The reality was That For the first Time I wanted To Imagine How A "Happy Reflection" could Turn into "Sadness" and That's Life Itself, exactly How People Feel When They Loose Someone They Love Or Just Simply When life Doesn't Go Our Way...It Can Turn Into The Darkest Reality Ever Lived!

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