Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Under The Darkness And That Bitter egocentrism That Comes With Mourning. A Long Time Ago I Felt Inspired To Design Such A complicated Dress, And What I Mean By Using The Word Complicated... I Mean That It's Not Your Typical "Funeral Type Of Outfit..." If You Know What I Mean..."!!!

So When i Sat Down To Sketch, For The First Time, I Didn't think about The Fabric I was Gonna use...

So In This Particular Situation I Thought Of "Clowns"... CLOWNS?? ..."Yeap You Read Right...CLOWNS! and I Know You're Thinking "But Clowns Are Happy All The Time".. And Who Says They Actually Feel That Happiness - OMG That Sounded so "Pessimistic" - Hahaha LOL! But No The reality was That For the first Time I wanted To Imagine How A "Happy Reflection" could Turn into "Sadness" and That's Life Itself, exactly How People Feel When They Loose Someone They Love Or Just Simply When life Doesn't Go Our Way...It Can Turn Into The Darkest Reality Ever Lived!

Wedding Bells


I Can hear The Bells...!! Can you ...? I Bet You Do...!!! Who Wants To Get Marry? I Bet All of You Ladies Some Day, Would LOOOOVEEEE To Walk Down the Aisle ... Its such an Exciting Feeling To Witness That...!! And Today Guess What? .... "Ohh No No, I'm Not Getting Marry" - I had the Opportunity To Attend To My Co-Workers Wedding and SING!!! For Them ....!!! And This Is What I chose To Wear ....

They Say Black Is Conservative And to Be Honest I Didnt Want To Make A Full Fashion Statement Wearing something extravagant Cause Today, All The Attention Is For The Groom And The Bride!!! ... Not Me!! But....!!! Since I Decided To Wear Pretty Much All Black I wanted To Give My Outfit A Little Contrast And Color, So Thats Exactly What I Did!!! ... Since My Dresse's Collar Is All Multicolor/Metalic Colors I Decided To Paired With Blue Shoes.... "Heyyyyy Everything Is Permitted In Multicolor Land" Hehehehe ..... So This Is All For Now .... And Dont Forget To Hype My look At ...lookbook.nu Muaxxxxx

Dress: My creation Designed By Me

Shoes: Bakers

Vintage Sequin Hat 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Space Between



No Matter How Hot The Weather Could Get, There's Always A reason To Dress Up Like a Hip Rockstar Babe

... Zara Top
Creaciones Distintas Necklaces
Knee High Socks Available At Walgreens
Blue Lipstick

Picture By Ariana Mariel R. Moya

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rolling In The Deep

Blazer Forever 21
Shirt Banana Republic
Ronwe Leggings
Boots Forever 21
Hat 5.7.9
Picture By  Ariana Mariel R. Moya

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Barbie Girl


Sooooo Bored... And Let's Say "Out Of My Mind", I Didn't Know What To Come Up for My Next "Lookbook look".   I Realized I Had Some Extra Fabrics and Materials at home... So I decided To Start Sewing Like Theres no Tomorrow And It came out that I finished This Sexy, cutesy Little colorful Dress.... So By The Time I was Ready To Get My Picture Taken... All Of Sudden My Imagination Started Going Nuts And I came up With This Brillaint Idea..... Cause This Dress Reminded Me To All Those Barbie Dolls I Played with While Growing up!!!....

So I Got My Blonde Wig On... (Cause Im A Redhead And I wanted To Be Barbie And Not Teresa)... And My Make Up .... And Here's The Result.. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!!! And Dont Forget To  HYPE This Look At www.lookbook.com/beautifuldeanne

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Green Giant


A While Ago I collaborated with a Photographer Friend of Mine In Some Pictures....! He wanted To Test some Umbrellas and lights that he Bought and since I've been dreaming of been a Model as long as I can Remembered .... Hahahahaha! LOL!!! Im So lying! I've never wanted to be a model!!! I'm an actress/singer... I just wanted to sound A little bit more dramatic!!! Hahahahah!!! .. So I said YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS And Here's a Preview of the Photoshot...!!! I hope you guys like it!! Xoxoxooxox

Monday, April 22, 2013

Deanne-Rose's Relationship Advice Video .... LOL !!!

Relationship Advice

www.youtube.com/beautifuldeanne Check out my You Tube Videos!!! 

Notification: At This Time Ive Recorded Some Of The Videos In Spanish... But I Promise To You That I Will Record The Other Ones In English!!! :D

City Girl

  New York, New York ... I Love You...!!! As Any Typical "Sunday Afternoon" My Sister And I, Go On "Sister Dates" Every Now and Then. We Drive Around, Go shooping, Go to the movies Or We Simply Go Out And Have Fun. So On Our Way To ... ("We Didn't Know Where We were Gonna Go, But We Packed Everything we needed hahaha lol") We drove by this beautiful old building and Since I've got th...is malevolent mind, I mmediately thought ..."I need New Pictures"!!!

So I Convinced My Sister To Take Me Some Pictures And I Promised To Her... This Was Gonna Be My Last Shoot ("I Alway's Tell her That" hahahaha) So... When She was Ready To Make me her model One More Time!!! hahaha I Heard... "Oh New York I Love You" Those where the Exact Same words that came out of her precious mouth and I cant Blame Her !!!!Cause If You Do Look Closer For Some Reason, at that particular moment I thought "Ohhh Damnnn She's Right" ... It Reminded Me When I was living in Brooklyn ... That Sidewalk, The Iron gates and I Cant forget that "old fashion scenery"...

So I Kept My Mood all Indie-Pop/Rock Star To This Entire shooting And Even Tough I Miss The City At least I can Have a Picture simulating Im walking And having Fun ... In a New York Minute!

Forever 21 Jacket
Topshop Tank
Levi's Jeans
Nine West Boots
V magazine
Vintage Bow Bag
Pic By: Ariana Mariel R. Moya